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From Columbia, SC — 09/19/2008

I worked for BellSouth from 02/2000 to 05/2002. Was surplussed ffrom the company then returned and worked from 02/2003 to 11/2007. This the best company a person could work for especially if you have a family. The company is very family oriented and the pay and benefits are great. You do not have to pay for your health insurance because the company pays it for you. You get raises every 6 mos until you reach top pay then when you max out you still get a raise every year plus bonuses. The pay is very good. I highly recommend working for this company. I left the company earlier this year because I transferred to St. Louis, MO but I was not able to find affordable housing in a nice area. I currently work for a company called Teleperformance that does contract work for BellSouth or AT&T or whatever you want to call it. And let me tell you the pay is horrible!!!!!!! I am working with this company because they are a contractor for AT&T/BellSouth and working with the contractor will help me get back on with AT&T quicker. I read some negative reviews about BellSouth, those folks must be disgruntled or something. It is very hard to get fired from AT&T also.
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