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Job Security5
Work/Life Balance4
Career Growth5
Work Environment5

From Stroudsburg, PA — 07/23/2010

I am in love with my job! The management team is incredible, helpful & always there to support 100% of the way. BBB Culture allows for a happy work environment & I am blown away by all of the negative reviews of this company. Are there always going to be some bad apples? Of course, but from what I've seen BBB is quick to correct & make sure everyone happy all around - not just the customers.
For those who want a promotion - say so & then put in the work. I am doing that now & I am seeing the rewards starting to come to fruition.
As far as work/life balance - it's retail people - you had to have known you were going to be working crazy hours, no?
We are here to exceed the customers expectations, and that is what I do everyday. My superiors see that, respect that & reward that - even if it's a 'good job'.
Again - I am in love with my job!
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