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From Jacksonville & Orlando — 01/16/2009

I worked for Bed Bath & Beyond for three years. I started in Orlando Florida and transferred to Jacksonville North Carolina. I moved my way through the store beginning as a Cashier, moving to Softside, Hardside, Receiving, Front End Super, Customer Service Manager, and ending with Office Assistant.
The store in Orlando was a high volume store with a very knowledgeable and successful general manager, Kevin. Department Managers at the Orlando store were also very good with managing their departments but seemed a bit discouraged with the incompetency of general employees.
Training of employees at all locations was lacking and consisted of a crash course in company ethics, policies, and procedures. Time should have been set aside for showing the new guy the ropes. All employees start out as cashiers but in my opinion, they would learn so much more shadowing a department associate prior to cashiering. Product knowledge classes are helpful if the trainer knows the product and doesn't just read off the corporate handout. Unfortunately trainers usually read off the corporate handout and gave the answers to the "test". I trained for a short period at the Jacksonville store and found my employees could pass the "test" without my help when I explained the product and more importantly how to sell it!
The 20% employee discount is discouraging because it makes it clear that employees are not as valued as the customers given customers often receive the same discount if not more when you take into account the assortment of $5 or $10 off coupons. The incentive program is nice but I found myself waiting for merchandise to show up on the as-is table so I could afford it on my hourly salary. Who can afford a Dyson even with up to a 50% discount on retail salary?
I would complain about the lack of vacation time but what do you expect when you work retail. The job was hard, time consuming, and physically exhausting but it was well worth it. I learned more at this job about merchandising, marketing, advertising, retail operations, and public relations than I could have ever learned from a textbook. As I finish up my Business Communications bachelor degree I am grateful to have the experience to draw upon for example and real life application of the business concepts.
If the company had more full-time positions within Santa Clarita and surrounding areas, I would return to the company without hesitation. I have developed lasting professional relationships with each of the stores I have had the honor to work with.
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