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4.8Rating Details
Job Security5
Work/Life Balance5
Career Growth5
Work Environment5

From Raleigh, NC — 03/03/2009

Pay - I'm very happy with my starting salary. Haven't been there long enough to see how raises turn out, but so far, so good.

Respect - It's a great office environment. Management is very encouraging and positive. Employees are treated fairly and respectfully.

Benefits - Excellent, especially when compared to most companies these days. Still one of the few with cash balance/pension plan in addition to matching 401k. Health benefits are very good and fairly priced, but you have to take care of yourself well to reap the full benefits - premium discounts for healthier participants of the medical plan. At least there's an motivating incentive to improve your health.

Job Security - In banking, it's hard to tell these days no matter who you work for, but I feel secure in my future with BB&T. I'm very happy to be working for and hope for a long, prosperous future with BB&T.

Work/Life Balance - I do agree that 2 weeks vacation and 10 holidays are not as generous as the company seems to believe, but it's not terrible either. Not being allowed to carryover holidays also isn't what I'm used to, but again, it's not a significant factor in my overall happiness with the organization. The other comments I read failed to mention the additional 40 days for short term absence pay (for personal or family illness). So, while vacation and holidays could be a little better, the entire package really isn't bad. I'm content overall.

Career Potential/Growth - Very positive. I feel, for the first time in a long time, that there are real growth opportunities for me within the organization. Hard work and results are rewarded.

Location - The company has a widespread footprint that's getting bigger every day with growth and acquisitions. In future, I could transfer elsewhere and still remain with the company. I love where I work now and have no issues commuting or with the facility.

Co-worker Compentence - I feel the company hires the appropriate "fit" for the different positions. Training is great and continous. What you need to learn, you will. It appears that my managers and colleagues are well-educated and well-trained for their respective positions.

Work Environment - Very positive and friendly. I haven't experienced any drama or immaturity that can lurk in many offices. It's very professional - yet fun. The only issue is the internet policy. The strict IT policies are a little excessive in my opinion, but I understand it's what any professional organization has to do these days to protect the confidential information of it's clients.
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