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From NJ — 03/09/2010

So I worked at BB seasonal. It was also my first job ever, so this was my experience.

BB isn't bad, I met many new people and made new friends :). At the same time, working during seasonal is crazy! Sometimes, I'd have to go on register and I'd be on for 3 hours straight without even knowing it. And theres absolutely no break at it. Like people just go on coming to you.

My manager was the best. I loved her! Very understanding and yet she wanted so much for the store. At times there would be things I'd have to do even tho I didn't wanna. Like cleaning out the trash under the sinks or washing it up (which I thought was gross) but then again, the store is entirely composed of soaps and creams, what would you expect?

The holiday baskets they made when I was working seasonal were really nice, at the same the most annoying things in the world! To put them in a shopping bag would just take a minute or two, and you'd have to constantly re-stock them! Customers wanted a certain scent and you'd have to run back to the stock room.

Another thing is you have to be able to lift heavy boxes. Well not exactly heavy, but moderate ones. Constantly. They always want the under-stock full and the shelves full up to the brim, so it meant going back and forth.

But over all, I really liked it. My manager was really flexible even though my hours were a bit sketchy since I going to college too, but overall not bad. I'd work back there again if I could :).

Oh and I was making 7.75$/hour if that was of any help
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