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From Milwaukee, WI — 02/18/2010

I've worked here for almost a year, and despite what other employees say, I think it's a great place to have a part-time job. I started out as a floor-set associate, but once the holidays started, I also started selling.

Salary: Usually for part-time it's minimum wage, which, now being 7.25 in WI, is still a lot better than I got paid doing more work, longer hours at other jobs.

Hours: Floorset employees can expect anywhere from 8-16hrs a month doing strictly floor-set. PT associates work anywhere from 4hrs-30hrs a week. You get to decide your own schedule online, which is really nice, since you don't have to go through a manager to set your availability. I've seen people gripe on here about call-in shifts - if they have their availability open for that time, chances are the store will schedule you for call-in. It's not that big of a deal really, if you want to make plans, don't leave yourself open availability so much.

Training: It's true there's not much training involved. They have you watch movies like everywhere else (but they know they're cheesy videos, so they make the videos fun) and if you've ever had ANY retail job ANYWHERE you'll be able to run registers. You can ask all the questions you want, and it's not a hard job to simply familiarize yourself with the store.
I've seen reviews critizing the fact that employees have to constantly engage the customers to sell...uh...duh...BBW does no marketing at all, and the only way customers are going to learn about products is from friends and employees who work at the store. You don't have to badger customers to get them to buy. If you're nice and helpful, you can easily sell almost anything in the store.

Benefits: PT associates don't get much. But you're almost guaranteed to be given between 20-$50 of products every month as store incentives or programs. You'll get a %30 discount at BBW, Victoria Secret and any other Limited Brand store.

Managers: The store managers are usually very girly type, but they're also very nice and caring people who have fun at their jobs. Sure there are a few who could use some lightening up, but most all the managers/asst managers I've met have been great. DMs come usually every other week to see the store, and they don't get much into associate business unless they see something going on wrong.

The Headset: I know many people who think the headsets are just used for employees to gab to each other, or talk about customers behind their backs, and sure - that happens sometimes, but Managers are always on the line too, and they prevent most of the free-talk. Headsets are used to convey customer likes/dislikes throughout the store, or to have employees find product elsewhere in the store for people.

All in all, this is a wonderful place to work. Especially in the larger volume stores (4 rooms compared to 2 room stores) because there is a lot to do and employees are rarely bored. If you're a highschool student, or college student, this is a nice place because you get to choose your availability (and change it at will) and the work environment is fun and engaging.
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