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From Ontario — 01/19/2010

Position: Part-Time Sales Associate (5 months)

Hours: HOLIDAYS - +30hrs, REGULAR - 15-20hrs

Pay: Minimum Wage

Respect: Employees are well respected. Bath & Body Works follows an 'Ask vs. Tell' model, in which management and associates ask one another for tasks to be completed/questions to be answered instead of commanding one and other to do so.

Benefits: N/A as benefits are restricted to full-time associates. However, as a sales associate, we receive a discount of 25% at Bath & Body Works, La Senza & Victoria's Secret. Managers receive a larger discount. During Holidays, this discount increases to 50%. Also, during Holidays & Sales, free products are given out as rewards and incentives during fun games and competitions.

Job Security: I have yet to see someone fired or written up. Care is taken to ensure that employees know what is expected of them and therefore, very rarely do employees break company policy. Also, if ever a disagreement arises between an associate and a customer, both sides of the situation are examined by management. However, as with all retail stores (particularly those with many student employees), there is a high turnover.

Work/Life Balance: Managers are considerate and respectful of work/life balance. Availability can range from wanting 3hrs a week to 20hrs. As said, with a large student body, I really appreciate and respect the time and effort the managers put into the schedule, making sure each employee is scheduled in accordance to their availability.
* A Note on On Calls: With On Calls, an associate is asked to call in two hours before the shift to see if they are needed. With On Calls, assume you are working. However, common sense must be applied - if your store has been having low sales all week, it is not likely you will be needed. Once again, managers are considerate of this and will usually let you know at the beginning of the week if it looks slow.
* A Note on 4 Hour Shifts: Working at Bath & Body Works is a high energy job - if you don't think so, then you're not doing your job properly. The company has a policy that associates will not be scheduled more than 4 or 5hrs. There are too many employees to organize such a large amount of breaks (particularly around Holidays) and shorter shirts keep associates focused and energized.
*A Note on Floor Sets: As new product constantly arrives, the store layout changes frequently. You will be asked if you are willing to work during a floor set, meaning a +6hr night shift. Floor sets are fun, involving snacks, music and lots of new exciting product.

Career Potential/Growth: Career Growth is the responsibility of the associate alone. Hard work, a positive attitude and great work ethic is noticed and rewarded, whether with additional hours, free product or a promotion. Evaluations occur periodically, providing valuable feedback and raises.

Location: Excellent location. Store is in a busy, clean, lively mall. Store is cleaned at the end of each night and looks tidy, well kept and organized. A wonderful floor and stock team keep the store stocked and the backroom organized. Seasonal cleaning and inventory means that items are organized and accounted for.

Co-Worker Competence: All of our lovely ladies & one gentlemen bring unique qualities to the team. Headsets make it easy to ask and answer one and other's questions. If an associate is less than competent, time is taken to teach and show how this can be improved. As said, to my knowledge, no one has been terminated. If an associate is unable to meet job requirements, their hours are simply reduced.

Work Environment: Excellent! BBW is a happy, upbeat atmosphere. Each associate is 'Zoned' and therefore, are aware of their exact responsibilities during their shift. This makes it easy to work together as a team. Store looks, smells and feels great. New product is constantly arriving and therefore, store layout changes often. As with all retail, holidays can be stressful and regular times can be slow - however, despite that, the customers and staff are excellent.

Overall: A great company to work for if you want a fun, flexible part time job.
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