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From West Virginia — 01/17/2010

I have worked at BBW since September and I absolutely love it. My managers are super nice and completely respectful of their employees. I have a close relationship with some of mine anyways and we have fun when we work together. Our store is particularly clean, we sweep/mop every night before closing. Our backroom can get messy like you guys stated, but thats an issue with hours, because you can only accomplish so much within the store with the hours you are given. Our store is ran like this: Customers and Conversion are you main aspects. It's during your downtime are you meant to replenish and recover. WHICH for our store is very rare. It does suck sometimes when you don't have many coworkers scheduled to help you and it can't get overwhelming but you just need to take a deep breath and keep on! There was someone complaining about the managers getting 40+ hours a week, well I know store manager and co-managers get 40hrs , end of discussion. And during holiday they do end up staying later or extra than planned because it is such a mess and there's so much that THEY need to do also. During holiday, I would average about 25-30 hours. If you work hard, your managers will take notice and ask you to pick up shifts when hours are available plus hours are based off revenue . The more money you rake in for your company, the more hours you can earn, the more that can get done around the store. Job security is depends on yourself. You want the job? Earn it. And don't do anything to lose it. Obviously the pay is minimum wage as with any sales assoc. job within the mall that you'll find. I am in college so I was able to balance work/school great ! My managers really worked around my schedule. My co-workers were my worst. But most of them no longer work for us. They were rude, had bad attitudes, and didn't do their jobs. But they are no longer with us and our store is building a positive work environment for everyone to come into. I love my job, and I plan on keeping it for a good while =)
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