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4.6Rating Details
Job Security4
Work/Life Balance5
Career Growth5
Work Environment5

From Longview, Tx — 12/13/2009

Ok. First off let me say that I have only been working for BBW for about two months, but honestly it seems like some of you guys are being kind of whiny. As long as I have been there, I think it's a great job so far! Some of you complain about dirtiness, which is understandable but the store I work in is decent. I mean, it isn't immaculent or anything but there isn't dirt or dust on the floor or shelves. Also about getting called in: it's a job. You don't have to plan your life around it, just do what you need to do and if you get called in stop what you're doing and go to work. After all, people are complaining about not getting enough hours right? And if you're going to be doing something that you can't drop, don't be on call that day! If it's that important ask for the day off. As for not getting enough hours: did you check part time on your application? If so, there's really not much you can complain about. Part time is just that. It's not meant for people who have bills to pay. If you are supposed to be full time though and are getting part time hours I can understand, but I would just say that you sit down with your manager and politely point out that you checked full time on the application, and ask if they have any more hours available. If not, of course you need to find another job, but you should be thankful that you have one. After all, they don't HAVE to hire you, there are plenty of upbeat positive individuals who aren't so picky about hours that are more than willing to take your place, and that is the kind of employee that BBW needs anyway. You have to be patient with any job. The first couple of weeks that I was hired I was lucky to work two days a week, but I stuck it out and continued to be positive and this week I only have two days off. I am also applying for a part time job on the side just in case, but at this rate I might not need it. Oh well, to sum it up I really like working here, let me go ahead and explain my ratings.

Pay: Minimum wage for a regular associate like myself. Not great, but it's what should be expected from a mall job. For the work being done the pay is reasonable. They're not asking us to do rocket science, just look pretty and sell things.

Respect: Managers can be kind of bossy, but that's how you learn. They have to be, babying associates wastes too much time. If you're brusque with someone they will catch on faster so that they will get off of your back.

--Oh to the people complaining about getting their bags and pockets checked: get over it. People steal. I would much rather get checked throughly so that they know that it isn't me than for no one to get checked and for 3 or 4 people to get fired wrongfully just because "it's embarrassing" to get checked.--

Benefits: I honestly don't really know about them so I put 3 because getting 20% of is pretty great! :p

Job Security: I jut put 3 because I haven't seen anyone fired, but I've seen like 8 people quit in just a month so I figure if you stay you'll be set.

Work/Life Balance: I put 5 because it dosen't really interfere with my life at all.

Career Potential/Growth: I put 5 because it seems relatively simple to become a sales lead. I hope I get to be one, I just don't know weather you ask or they just promote you or what?? Anyway, there seems to be lots of steps to move up.

Location: I put 5 because working at the mall is really convienent, everyone knows where it is, and malls are generally in the middle of everything.

Co-worker Competence: I put 5 because I really like all of my co-workers! And unlike fast food or grocery stores you can't really be an idiot and work at BBW. You have to at least be of average intelligence.

Work environment: It smells good and everyone is nice so I gave it a 5!
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