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From Springfield, MO — 12/06/2009

I worked for Bass Pro shops in Springfield, MO from 1983-1988. As I lived in Springfield, the location was great. It was only 15 minutes from where I lived. I made $5.00 an hour which was above minimum wage (at that time). The benefits were great. I paid $1.50 a week for full coverage health insurance of which I had no deductible and no out of pocket. Every Christmas the owner gave his employees a nice Christmas dinner which he set up in the warehouse and had catered. He also gave all his employees a turkey at Christmas. When I worked there I thought no company could be as cheap as BPS and now looking back I realize BPS was a great place to work and that in all my working years since then no company has treated me as well as BPS.

Co-worker competency however is another thing. I worked with many people who were very immature and unprofessional. Very gossiping and back biting.

As for work/life balance, I never had any trouble but there was a woman who worked in the warehouse who had asked off on for a certain Saturday 6 months in advance. She was getting married on that day. One week before her wedding her boss told her she had to work that Saturday. She told him no way that she had this approved 6 months in advance. He told her then come in after her wedding. She threw a fit about it and he did get in trouble. Some of the management did not have common sense. Some did not have college degrees, some I wondered if they even graduated from high school.

But BPS is a good company and one that would have been a good fit had I not moved out of town. I did find out however, that one of my coworkers who had been there 32 years was laid off a few months ago. Seems like with all of BPS business the long term employees should be honored and respected as they were loyal to the company.
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