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From Connecticut — 03/15/2010

Barnes and Noble is like no other retailer out there. The atmosphere, even to work in, is so much more comfortable than any company I've worked for. Of course nothing is perfect. You have to be a store or assistant store manager to even begin making decent money, and a lot of it depends on your experience, store volume, location, your ability to negotiate, etc. It is a pretty progressive company and its values of tolerance are fantastic. Each of the over 700 stores is going to have its own energy, which usually comes from the store manager down. I find the quality of employee way higher than other retailers. By the way, while the pay isn't great, neither are most other retail positions...can they offer you a 50% discount in cafe? 20% discount in music? 30% discount on books? Didn't think so! There is also a variety a of ways to express discontent, from phone numbers to district and regional managers. If so many people have such problems, try to work the system to your advantage. Nothing will always be roses, but in comparison, I'm very happy.
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