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Job Security5
Work/Life Balance4
Career Growth5
Work Environment4

From Florida — 12/28/2009

Pay: B&N is retail, so pay isn't fantastic. However, you receive an annual raise and have a great discount on books, music, dvds, and cafe items.

Respect: Level of respect from co-workers and management really depends on the person. Overall, respect is high. During high stress times (for retail), such as Christmas, respect can diminish. Respect from customers also depends on the person. Unfortunately, the rude customers are easier to remember than the pleasant ones.

Benefits: HR with B&N is extremely easy. B&N offers health and dental insurance and a retirement plan. (All depending on your work status)

Job Security: It is rather difficult to get fired from B&N. However, some management will just cut your hours which forces you to quit.

Work/Life Balance: Management always appreciates it if you are willing to come in to cover shifts, or to leave work early if payroll needs to be cut for that day. Honestly, work and life can easily be balanced even if you are a lead. Balance with a management roll is a bit more difficult.
Around the holiday season work/life balance can get crazy. But, this is true for all retail during that season.
Full-time booksellers have paid holidays and sick days. Typically, if you need time off, management can make it happen if enough notice is given.

Career Potential/Growth: Moving from bookseller to lead to management can be difficult. Honestly, it depends on your standing with management. Most B&N stores have started cross-training booksellers to work in many different areas. As long as there is good communication between booksellers and management about career goals, there is the potential for growth.

Location: B&Ns are typically built in good locations.

Co-worker Competence: This is dependent on each person. Overall, B&N has good training for new booksellers and has a library of information in break rooms if a bookseller wants to review procedures.

Work Environment: Overall work environment at B&N is pleasant. If you enjoy books/music/movies, it is a great place to work! If the work environment isn't healthy at a particular store, the company has a hotline set-up for employees to call with their concerns.
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