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3.4Rating Details
Job Security5
Work/Life Balance3
Career Growth2
Work Environment2

From Plano, TX — 11/26/2009

You can't expect great things from retail. I guess with books, at least you aren't folding or hanging clothes. But you still have to shelve books. I hated making rounds and picking up all of the unwanted books and magazines customers left behind. The hours were not good at all. Our particular location closed at 11:00 PM, but closing procedures meant we left at 11:20 PM on great days and past 12:00 AM on weekends if the store was really messy, Selling membership cards was always enforced if your assignment was to cashier. The benefits were great, but there was no room to advance, career wise (if you decided to take that trek). Your pay would be limited, but your responsibilities were limitless. This was my first job and I'm glad my experience was a pretty fair one. I liked the people I worked with, but the turnover was horrible.
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