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From Midwest/Great Lakes Area — 09/07/2009

I have worked at my store for 10 years so I guess I feel it is a good company to make a career with. The pay is low. Even with minimum wage increasing, our starting wage is not. You can make good money if you are hired in as part of the management staff. If you work your way up from the bottom you will never make the same as an outside hire. Some people of here have complained of things being unfair, bullying, etc but the company does provide us with a toll free phone number where you can remain anonymous if you want to roll up concerns or complaints. We don't have to just roll over as some of the postings on here would have lead me to believe otherwise. It is a nice job and in terms or retail it doesn't get any better. But don't work here because you love books, you need to love upselling and member cards.
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