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From NY — 08/17/2009

I enjoyed my position as a Merch. Mgr, I earned around $14.50/hr starting salary. The environment of the store is great, most of the booksellers are educated and intelligent, but unfortunately they do not get paid very well (minimum wage mostly). I often felt strange because I am young (23) and just graduated college with a bachelor's, but was supervising people with MS and PhDs who only made minimum wage. There is variation from store to store, I know that many stores have problems because their managers do not function as a team, but at our store we had weekly manager's meetings which kept everyone on the same page and we did store walkthroughs frequently. Manager's have some freedom to customize the store, so policies will vary slightly for better or worse. I personally was able to implement a reward program for the booksellers, a store newsletter, and a few other things I suggested which was very satisfying. Every company has some bogus policies, but at the end of the day you have to realize that it is a bookstore and you can't take everything so seriously or else you make everyone miserable.
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