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Job Security5
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From White Plains, NY — 07/20/2009

As far as corporate retail/customer service jobs go, B&N #2202 is a pretty great place to work, all things considered. Don't get me wrong, it can get very busy and you will ALWAYS have something you need to be doing. The work itself is often boring, and you get stupid/obnoxious customers just like anywhere else. But the employees and managers are all great and supportive. Most of the people who work there are good friends who hang out outside of work and genuinely try to get to know each other. Employees (and most customers) are intellectual, well-read, and quirky/eccentric - you learn a lot and meet some really interesting people. The employee discount is great, but you end up wanting to buy everything in the store - and at the prices they charge, I would only shop there with my employee discount. I worked on the book floor, but I'm told the music section is a lot more chill and low-pressure, though you don't get the same level of interaction with others that kept me entertained on a daily basis. Pay is slightly more than minimum wage for booksellers, but raises are consistent on a yearly basis. One of the great things about this particular store is that the management is very flexible when it comes to requesting specific days off in a given week and switching shifts with others, provided it works out logistically (e.g. there's at least one head cashier around at all times). Students can also request to work mostly nights or mostly days, depending on their schedules. Overall, the managers are very respectful of the employees and (within reason) totally understanding when extenuating circumstances come up. Surprising, since it's apparently very hard to get a job here! I'm convinced I just got EXTREMELY lucky when they chose me. It's that competitive. Applications are always being accepted (and they get several every day!), so even getting an interview is really a matter of luck - whether your app just happens to be at the top of the pile when they open the drawer.

SO, to sum up: diverse clientele, quirky (but great) co-workers, decent management, flexible scheduling, good job security (you'd have to do something pretty serious to get fired, and they're always willing to re-hire people who have worked there before, including seasonal workers.) The catch is that it's very competitive in terms of hiring, so don't expect to get a call right away even if you have a great resume.
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