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From Spokane Valley, WA — 07/02/2009

I have worked at Barnes&Noble for over almost 6 years. Both the managers and my co-workers have been very respectful and helpful.

The medical and dental benefits are good and the managers go out of their way to allow needed time off.

I feel very confident with my job security--Barnes&Noble has been very wise in handling their financial affairs, staying out of debt, etc. so they will not be one of the companies "going under."

As a Children's full-time Lead, I am required to work during "peak" hours, which means I work until 6:30. I would really like to get off earlier, but when you take a retail job that's what you get.

In our store, promotion from within is very common. Right now we have 3 managers who were promoted from within. Our Store Manager is really great about calling in employees and asking about their career goals with the store.

Our store is in a good, well lighted location.

My co-workers are really dedicated to helping the customers and one another. I consider my managers and co-workers my Barnes&Noble family.

The work environment is very pleasant---what could be greater than being surrounded by colorful books? I do get tired of the music sometimes, especially some of the louder selections, but we sell music and I understand we need to play it.

I am paid 11.25 per hour and I get 3 weeks of vacation per year, which I think is very fair. Holiday pay is REALLY good. I love the 30% discount and the 50% in the cafe. I really believe Barnes&Noble is a great company to work for and I am greatful to be an employee.
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