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Job Security5
Work/Life Balance3
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From Scottsdale, AZ — 11/26/2008


Pay: A few dollars above minimum wage. You usually start at 7.25 and work your way up to the princely sum of 7.50. Unless you're a high school kid living with your parents, I don't see how one can survive on that pay. Which brings us to:

Co-workers: A lot of high school kids. Some older people. The high school kids love to hang out and gossip. Some of the older people work hard, but some of them also like to hang out and gossip. The majority of co-workers (young and old) consisted of the laziest people I have ever seen in my entire life. Shelving books is not hard, yet they could not bring themselves to do that. I guess at 7.50 an hour, Barnes & Noble gets what it pays for. A few co-workers were cool people. As mentioned in previous reviews, the good ones (competent and reliable) usually left.

Respect: I never felt respected nor disrespected. Some customers would take pity on me for working there, however, and say, "Don't worry! You'll move on to bigger and better things!"

Benefits: I hear the medical coverage is okay, but I didn't dream of using the little money I earned towards the cost of coverage.

Job Security: Well, they never fired anyone. They would just write someone off the schedule.

Work/Life Balance: I didn't work full-time there, so I can't really comment on that. However, they will constantly call you at your house to cover a shift when the high school kids are a no-show.

Career Potential/Growth: I saw a few people move up the ladder, so it is possible.

Location: A great location in a classy area (although some people don't like the supposed rich snobs of Scottsdale, I never had a problem with them).

Work Environment: It's not bad. The customers are upper-class people, and you always get a healthy dose of muzak.

Just a note: The employee discount on books is 30%. usually gives 30 percent off or more. While working there, I always ordered from Amazon to save money, in order to stretch those 7 dollars I made every hour.
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