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Job Security3
Work/Life Balance5
Career Growth2
Work Environment4

From Atlanta, GA — 09/29/2008

Pay: As a Head Cashier, formerly a Bookseller at the customer service desk, I have a lot of responsibilities. I have to sell, sell, sell: everything from memberships, eco bags, book fair sales drives, gift cards...if it isn't bolted down it is probably for sale. And all for less than $15,000 a year!! Doesn't it sound like a great deal??

Respect: Other co-workers are in the same boat as you and are mostly great people with tons of potential, and most likely, have other jobs or other things going on outside of work. Management though is another matter. They are most likely less talented and intelligent than about 80% of the part time booksellers. And they don't have to face the same consequences as booksellers either so don't think they will likely be reprimanded or be encouraged to alter their bad behavior. You'll be OK if this job is not your only income or if you don't really care what anybody thinks or how they treat you.

Benefits: Pretty good benefits for a retail establishment but might be outweighed depending on the frustrations you face in an average day from management and corporate side of things.

Job Security: You can be replaced very easily (and this isn't a hidden fact at all) but if you show up and do an average job, you aren't likely to be fired or laid off unless your store doesn't make money or is overstaffed.

Work/Life balance: You don't have to take any work home with you: awesome!

Career growth: Better if you are coming in from outside of B&N than if you are coming up from the inside. Movement is very slow and pay is not very conducive to excitement in moving up.

Co-worker competence: You will likely have brilliant co-workers but watch out for management: I don't know how it can be so lopsided except that most intelligent people don't work in retail for more than a few years.

Work environment: Decent for retail dependent on management team and customers. Mostly good. Don't expect to be able to depend on rules staying the same for long or their being any way to know when or how they will change. Don't get too attached to anything because it will then probably change within a minute/hour/week/month or two!!
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