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From Walnut Creek, CA — 12/20/2007

I worked at this bookstore for 5 years, full-time at first then part-time. In the beginning the store had great managers, passionate about books and good at motivating us (even during the crazy time of christmas!). I loved the people I was working with. You can meet all sorts of people working at bookstores (retired engineers, lawyers, artists, housewives, students, philosophers, ...) and if anything makes it worth the time, it's that. During my 2nd year there Barnes & Noble seemed to change it's management strategies. Instead of promoting some of their own people, they started hiring outside managers - some of them were proud to announce that they had never read a book in their life (besides the phone book)! Everything started to go downhill from there. Some of the older, long-time employees suddenly had to work late-night shifts and it almost seemed like they tried to get rid of them. Everything became stricter and if you consider that they pay pretty much minimum pay there wasn't much of an incentive for people to stay. It was convenient for me as a student since they let me work flexible hours but a lot of other people left.
I have good and bad memories but what stays is the good friends I made there. This isn't anything that Barnes & Noble could claim in their credit of course. The only good thing about this company are the books and the great people that it attracts (even though B & N doesn't deserve them).
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