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3.3Rating Details
Job Security5
Work/Life Balance5
Career Growth1
Work Environment3

From Phoenix, AZ — 09/17/2008

FYI - Position was in IT

Pay: Not too bad. Definatetly not high, but great pay for the little work they actually had for me.

Respect: Was there, but new people with fresh ideas were definately frowned upon; thus lowering respect when you challenge the good-ol-boys

Benefits: Were awesome, so long as you went to a Banner owned facility. Try doing that on vacation in another state.

Job Security: No one ever gets fired at Banner. People leave on their own (in very small numbers) or in a casket.

Work/Life Balance: Pretty good, on-call was pretty weak and tehrefore made the whole experience pretty nice

Carrer Potential/Growth: Very low. Like I said no one ever leaves, and promotions happen not over ability and credentials but purely on time on the job

Location: Corporate is only in Phoenix, therefore cummuting from any other part of the valley sucks

Co-worker competence: Below average; the folks there do what they need to get by and that is about it. I have not seen in my time tehre anybody really step forward with solid skills, or atleast keep that momentum. It appears as if the tool does not get used it gets dull real fast (if you catch my drift).

Work Environment: The workspace is weird at best. Imagine walking into a giant room full of techs, where it is dead silent and a majority of the lifeforms are geriatrics. If you have a personality at all everyone seems to think of you as a loudmouth or goof-ball. I can't imagine an IT work floor, especially with all the teams that need to work together, never speaking to one anotehr or atleast bouncing ideas of eachother.

Overall I rate this place below avergae for the technology hungry career driven person. This to mee is a perfect fit for the older tech who just wants a slower workpace and slow jazz humming in the far-off cube in the background.
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