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From Pittsburgh, Pa — 11/05/2009

This place used to be a great place to work when it was just Mellon Bank but since the merger of the Bank of New York its has gone to the dogs. Forced Diversity is the name of the game there. Their Image matters way more to them, and then does their commitment to excellence. They no longer hire or promote the best people for the job, nor are you judged by your work ethic. Itís almost now that Non-Diversity people need not apply. I have no problem hiring or promoting any diversity person as long as they are the best qualified not because of their diversity status.
What is happening now is; the best IT people who built this company into a major IT company on the cutting edge, are being fazed out due to their pay and age for over Sea's contractorsí who we had to train to take our jobs. I actually was making more money then my two upper level diversity managers so I know salary had allot to do with us being let go with no notice. We were escorted out the door in a matter of minutes from being told.
Political correctness is killing this company!!! Diversity is UNFAIR politics and thatís what BNYMellon is no w all about.
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