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From Arlington, TX — 04/25/2010

I work in Dallas (The downtown office) and I have to say that bofa has been a great place to work & do business with. The pay is not at the high end but not as bad as some of the other places in the DFW area. My manager & their boss's take time in the morning and meet with as many of the people on the floor as they can & top management makes it a point to "try" and know everyone's names. My area has over 100 people so it's no easy task. I am in a same sex relationship & bofa makes it a point to make sure that same sex partners get the same benefits as a hetero couple (health/life insurance etc.). In the DFW area there are several bofa centers you can work at other than a branch. You can have jobs in from the call centers for customer services & collections, research and adjustments, legal, lockbox and so on. So potential to move up or around is endless. Your job growth is really up to where you want to take it. I work with people who have been doing the job for 11 to 20 years and have nothing but good things to say. The only down side I have to say is that the benefits do cost more than anywhere else I've worked. For health care vision, dental etc for two people it's about $180 out of every check. But they are worth it if you have to use it. I have my mortgage, checking & savings with bofa and could not be happier with that. They do an extensive background check before they hire someone which makes me feel safe with the people I work around and makes me feel even better about doing business with them.
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