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From brea — 01/16/2010

Pay- Not bad in collections, i hear its better at chase or such but whatever, bonus is pretty decent depending on your teammates can make anywhere from $250-3000 a month on bonus depending on teammates and stage of collections your in.

Respect- I've had no problems and all the managers are preety decent and supervisors to oand the the flex managers, except like 3 of them, but respect from peers is good

Benefits-dental and visions is cheap, but i don't knw about health at about 112 a month, matches 3% 401k after a year?... so its average

Work/Life- 40 a a week and overtime sometimes, honestly at our call center there were never thrweats of doing overtime, all the supervisors and managers were pretty chill

Career/growth- i guesss becoming a amanger or supervisor is very limited, however if your area has stages you can get araise everytime you get moved up in stages of 3%, so that is not bad and depends on a lot of tihngs, luck, dedication, and overtime

Location- no too far from where i live

Co-worker Competence- of course there are some dumbasses like all workplaces, some college grads, some high school grads and some didn't graduate highschool, so you'll probably run into a lot of people, but most of them are not bad and fun to talk to, most are ages 21-30 so i means its a lot of peers, of course there are some that ar 50+ years old but not too many

Work Environment- our environment can get intense if losing to control group or not hitting goal, but most of time supervisors are chill and managers are chill unless tehy micro manage depends on manager but over all environemnt is very friendly a lot oftalking and bsing and CNN on TV all day not bad,
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