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From Wichita, KS — 10/01/2008

I worked for BOA for a year. Were there things I didn't like about my job?...absolutely, however, I loved my job. I was a sales and service specialist and I loved going to work everyday. The benefits are great! I received a raise and two bonuses within that year. The opportunity to move up within the company is available to anyone who works hard and learns the company. It seems like some of these other comments weren't working hard or didn't learn the company.

They are absolutely right that you have to sell products but I only sold products that they needed. There is that constant pressure of meeting your goals, but the reason the benefits are amazing is because of the new business that is created. I honestly don't know how the Personal Bankers met their goals but by hard work and thinking outside of the box it is possible. If you are looking at BofA for a career I would recommend it but go into it realizing that the starting pay isn't as much as some other places and there are weekends you have to work but the opportunity for advancement and the benefits make up for that, at least in my mind!
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