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From Los Angeles, CA — 04/06/2008

Before Hoshin/Six Sigma, BofA was a pretty good company to work for. We got stock options, good benefits, bonuses and raises. But a few years ago, they laid off a third of my department just as things were starting to get really busy. Then they scrapped the stock options for all but the elite. They also played favorites, laying off some more productive workers to save lazy bums. Advancement is difficult, because managers have been there for 20 years and have no further ambition. You spend all your time counting your work, which adds to the work, then you turn in reports which no one acts upon. It doesn't make any sense. We're required to do lots of training every year, but there's never time to attend classes or do computer based training, so when you fail to complete your annual hours, you get a bad review. Morale has been going down fast, and I don't see it improving.
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