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Job Security5
Work/Life Balance4
Career Growth5
Work Environment5

From north carolina — 05/15/2010

Pay- is pretty good. however i started here when i was 16 at minimum wage as an asst so anything more is great

Respect- respect is a major thing at our hospital. we may get snippy with each other from time to time but this is not a job for the sensitive. it takes a lot of emotional energy to be around sick pets all the time, my chief of staff however is very adamant about an open door policy its a common thing to ask the OM or DPN or even a doctor to step into an exam room with you so you can talk. we also have 0 tolerance for gossip.

Benefits- the petsmart discount is great with 4 pets i use that ALL the time. plus we have a discount with dell, m&ms, enterprise, and a lot of others

Job Security- its pretty simple do a great job and you wont be fired

work/life balance- its hard with school but my om/dpn is really great about trying to work with me and my schedule

career potential/growth- for me theres a lot but all i want to be is a vet so starting out cleaning kennels and now have worked my way up to nurse and soon sx nurse and then leave for school and come back to be a doctor.

location- theres at least 4 in charlotte and thats just charlotte. we're on the border of north and south carolina so theres a store for everyone

co-worker competence- we have many people quit on the first week because its too much for them or people who make it a month and still dont have it together after very understanding hand holding training that find themselves unemployed so the people who are still there are very good at what they do because they made it through boot camp week :)

work environment- i love going to work its crazy and hectic but the people are great and very supportive. we all teach each other new things everyday we all get along and on slow days in between rooms we swap stories about our various patients so that everyone knows about the owner who gave cpr for an hour and saved the puppie's life or the client who brings you a file on their dogs breed so you understand its a great experience.
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