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Job Security3
Work/Life Balance5
Career Growth3
Work Environment4

From Chicago, IL — 02/23/2010

I just began my career at Banfield literally 2 days ago. I have been hired as a Pet Nurse, which I thought was great considering in the state of Illinois you have to be registered or certified to be a Vet Technician, but as a Pet Nurse I get to do the same if not more as a vet tech.

I have had previous Technician experience, only 6 months though. But 4 years as a Kennel attendant at a vet clinic in Kansas. I never thought about the fact that they are only hiring people who are less qualified for the job, I know I may not be totally up to date, and properly trained on everything, but I learn fast and am passionate about the work I do.

At the Vet Clinic I had previously been employed at, I worked with 2 doctors, and 1 other technician. We saw about 10 scheduled appointments, and roughly 5 surgeries a day. So pretty busy for a less employed practice. The vet owned the business herself, so with all the stress on trying to make enough money, (plus here the doctor spent the majority of the time with the clients) she ended up cracking one day. I was temping as the receptionist all day, and hadn't been in the tech groove. She asked me to pull some eye drops and put a label on them for the client, I did, but I didn't put it in a medicine bottle, (she didn't ask) so I put the label on the box the eye drops came in. I brought them to her, and she raised her voice and said (with the client standing right outside in the lobby) "HOW CAN YOU BE SO IGNORANT, WE CAN'T SEND THESE HOME WITH THEM IN THE ORIGINAL BOX!" I was very frustrated at this point not only because she was yelling and embarrassing me but because where was the actually tech for that day? (turns out she had gone to take a smoke brake....) So I told her that she really didn't need to be so rude to me right in front of the clients, she asked me what? I repeated it to her, and she proceeded to grab my arm, and physically drag me through the treatment area, and into the back where the kennels were locate (I was trying to get away, she had ahold of me so tightly that I grab onto the edge of a wall and still couldn't get out of her grip, plus I only weigh like 100 lbs.) She started yelling at me, telling me that she wasn't going to put up with this disrespect and that I was to only speak to her when answering a question she asks, and it will be yes ma'am no ma'am all while still holding my arm. I calmly told her that if she did not let go of me, that I would call the police. She let go, and went back to talk to the clients, and I called the police, she was going to be charged with battery, but I dropped the charges because I needed to keep my job. I ended up leaving not even 2 weeks later, because it was too stressful for me to handle after that.

ANYWAYS the point of that paragraph was to illustrate that fact that not every vet hospital you work at will be the perfect one, you need to realize before getting into it that Banfield is a corporation, so things are going to be screwy.

Pay: I rated as a 3 because me being a 21 year old, with no formal schooling, and only 6 months tech experience they started me out at a very good rate.

Respect: I rated as a -3 because it only being my second day and people are ignoring the fact that I am there and do not know how to do things "their way", they do not want to help me, and if I don't know how to do something properly they get and attitude about it.

Benefits: I rated at 0 because I was hired part-time and I get no benefits besides the discount.

Job Security: I rated at a 1 because I definitely feel more comfortable here than the last place I worked, but am still uneasy about the whole experience, although I am still giving people a chance to prove me wrong.

Work/Life Balance: I rated as a 5 because compared to the last place I was working a split shift from 7 am to 1pm then 1 hour lunch break, then back by 2 and stay till 8 at the latest. Here, I have more time to spend with my family after work.

Career Potential/ Growth: I rated as a 1 because I'm really not sure what they can offer me right now, I already "know" how to do everything they need me to do it's just I don't know how to do it "their way".

Location: I rated as a -2 just because for me it is a 30 minute drive to work there.

Co-worker Competence; I rated as a -3 because I feel like they do not have to minds to work in this field, they can't handle the stress, or prioritize their time properly, and although they may have more training than me, they do not speak or listen well.

Work Environment: I rated as a 2 because to me with the like 7 people who are always there it is easier for me to get things done, and I don't have the weight of it all on my individual shoulders.
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