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From VA — 04/07/2010

I have been thoroughly entertained by the below complaints. I'm sure there are clinics where focus is more on productivity than patient and client care. But most are not. I can vouch as a veterinarian that has worked at two Banfield clinics in two different states that every veterinarian that I have met working for this company puts their patients first, clients and staff second and company last.
I have a specific bone to pick and that is regarding the negative association with APC - average patient charge. If you pick up any veterinary economics magazine or talk to any professor of veterinary business/economics at every veterinary school across this continent you will learn that APC is the biggest marker of success or failure in veterinary medicine in EVERY vet clinic. Whether every vet clinic uses this as a guideline is up to them, but there is direct and very strong correlation between this number and quality medicine.
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