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From Austin, TX — 06/13/2010

There is truth to many of the comments on this site, positive and negative, but overall you have to realize this is a young, entrepreneurial company and a few things come with that:

Growth. BancVue is growing so fast that your one-year anniversary makes you an old timer. It also means that each release doesn't mean that it's time to rest on your laurels. It's time to start thinking about what comes next.

Change: The company has to be agile, especially when dealing with this regulatory environment and the demands of its clients. Leaders change direction frequently, and that resonates down the pipe, but that's an attempt to stay ahead of the game. Communication could be better in this regard, and leadership has taken that to heart, but frequent change comes with the territory in a young, growing company.

Disorganization: There is definitely a sense that things aren't coordinated, especially since the company has grown many different arms that aren't in sync with one another. This is a harder problem to fix in a young, growing company but I do believe it's getting better.

Benefits: This company tries harder than any I've seen to provide great benefits to its employees and make life at and outside of work a joy. There's an incentive program to do extracurricular activities or hobbies. There's plenty of free food. They have started 401k matching. You know they're trying really hard to create a work-hard-and-love-it culture similar to Google, Apple, or any of the big tech companies. Comp may be a little below market but this doesn't seem to affect turnover. Most of the talented people stay.

Opportunities: They are there, but often you must reach out and take them yourself. This company expects you to take a lot of initiative in carving your own path (see again that it's VERY entrepreneurial). If you don't do that, and instead spend time complaining or spreading rumors, you will not achieve what you want or make things better. Of course there is always something to complain about, and every company has things they can do better, but you have to believe that everyone, senior leadership all the way to practitioners, know what they're doing. The success this company sees overwhelms any of the things that could be better or seem a little strange.

This is a good place to work, and as it grows it will turn into a great one.
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