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Job Security4
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From Texas — 06/05/2006

Once a great company, till it was bought by Tecniflex. They ran off all the Bancsource management and are proceeding to run the Bancsource name into the ground as they did with Tecniflex name and reputation. About 30% of the 120+ original Bancsource employees have left the "NEW" Bancsource. That should speak volumes for the new organization. The pay is in line with industry standards, although I will say you could probably get the pay you want becasue they are so desparate for good technicians. The benfits WERE good till Tecniflex tookover. Insurance went up for less coverage and bonuses were drastically cut. Job security is good because of the exodus that is taking place. Work/life balance is hit or miss. Depending on where you live. If you are in a metro area, you will work longer and harder, rural techs have it much easier. The potential for career growth and advancement is there if you like to be micro-managed and want to be a micro-manager. Location is good because you are in the customer's place of business and doing something new and different everyday. Co-worker competance is also hit or miss. There are some good techs, but they are being burnt out by having to carry the lesser perfoming techs on their backs. Again the environment is great because you are in the customers place of business. If you have an office job in Republic, then I would offer environment is not so great. They need a good housekeeper there. Very cluttered and disorganized. Worn, dirty carpeting that needs replacement. Not a very professional setting, particularly if you are a visitng customer or potential customer.
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