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From Republic MO — 05/11/2006

Ok for those who think bad well you have not seen anything. Bancsource has not had any problem getting parts there were some issues right after the merge however all it took was some follow thru on the fe's but I guess the old BancSource people that are not happy donít want to work for their money. I was raised to take PRIDE in what I do and where I work that means if there are problems be part of the solution not the problem complaining will not fix anything but come up with ideas. OO that means work...... sorry forgot that is a bad word... Come on people this is a great company and if we ALL work together we can over come anything. That is not just BS but the truth and if you think not then well I guess you can move to "greener grasses" Remember that you happiness is what is most important to you but to be a complainer is that what you really are? Take pride in your self and your work if you need help ask for it you will get it. There are always problems in a merge look forward see that you can make a difference. This company is now and will always be growing be a part of the solution not complaining about it if you see a need for a fix let someone know. Something to live by.
Team work is the true sport in all of your ventures not only in work, play but even at home you are a team. Bancsource is working to be a great team and I am very proud to be a part of it. I wish all could see what we have to offer think before you react remember that you will be the one that can make the difference.
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