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From Republic, MO — 08/17/2010

I have been working in this industry for almost 25 years, with 2 different companies and some of what I have read here is obviously nothing but disgruntled people that failed to grow with and support their company. I also have many peers working with different companies within the industry and although no company is perfect, Bancsource excels at cutting through bureaucracy to do what it takes to get the job done. As a person with years of field service experience, I see a company that is striving to grow while providing its technicians with the tools to service our customers. Training, net books and automation have all been provided to help our fellow field technicians become more efficient. I have known many technicians that have previously worked for our company that were used to an environment of very little responsibility and very little work. As I see it, we have a much improved workforce and those that were quite frankly lazy, have moved on either by choice or for other reasons. I have spoken with our management team on many occasions and I know for a fact that they care about the employees and one way that they show it in this tough economy is to continue to push for growth, which equals job security. We are in an ever changing industry and those that do not want to learn new things have been and will be passed by. I know that my customers are very happy and if those that have left or been let go had unsatisfied customers, perhaps they would do well to look inward?
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