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From Richmond, Virginia — 12/22/2008

Pay- I got paid 8.50 an hour. Which is pretty good in this city considering my peers in college are making 7-8 dollars some place else.
Respect- The respect is excellent! In my store, the managers were really nice and everyone was attractive. Well, 95% were and that makes going to work even greater when you know you are actually getting dressed up to impress attractive people. The customers were ify, but its retail, and its the best retail job I have ever had. I've had 7 jobs since I was 16 and I'm 20 now.
Benefits- Never took advantage of any. Except the excellent discount! 50% off BR merchandise and 30% online, gap, and old navy.

Job Security- As long as you are not late, get at least 3 Banana Cards a month, (Which IS NOT HARD!!), and sell clothes that SELL THEMSELVES! you have job security. I mean seriously I have had plenty jobs in my teenage years and none were as easy as Banana Republic. BR is the easiest job ever and the one I had the most fun. When all my friends and random people knew I worked for Banana Republic there eyes were like wow, thats great. Seriously, the respect you get inside the store and out is amazing. Thats what I loved about the store the most.

Work/life balance- honestly, I had two jobs this year, so maybe thats why my work life balance sucked! My other job is easy and great also, but two of them and taking 18 credits is just horrible. If I had to work at BR more than ten hours a week I would probably die from the tasks. But only working 2, maybe 3 days a week and getting that great discount made this the easiest, most fun job I;ve ever had.

Location- Great, it was at the best mall in my city and very close to my university.

Coworker competence- Excellent. I've said this a million times and I'll say it again. I Love BR! My coworkers were very attractive. We all were. I am shallow, as I'm sure my coworkers were. We got along great! It depends which store you are in and all that stuff I know but speaking from the one store I worked at, my time there was great!

Work Environment- The store was always kept very neat. Managers and PT people were very nice. Everyone was helpful. I had no problems with anyone and I could see myself hanging out with many of my coworkers on the weekend. The managers were relatively young, mid twentys, and that made everything we had to talk about easier. I really felt like they were my peers, but still held them in high regard and treated them like managers.

Overall, I loved this job. Sad to be gone, but my GPA was only a 3.0 this semester and one of my jobs had to go anyways. I would recommend this job to anyone that considers themselves attractive, is a real peoples person, and likes to dress up for work.
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