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From Brooklyn, New York — 10/05/2009

I dunno what people hate about ballys but i was a great sales person. i worked there for 2 yrs and i had a blast. the base pay was low but my commision was great. i sold to everyone. also being the fact that im at a gym there is a limitless amount of women you see on a daily basis and i sure had my fair share . when i got promoted to Assistant Manager my pay rate went up a lil and now if u hit budget you also get a bonus.. i made alot of money off and on the books .. i accomplished all that by the time i was 20 yrs old...

location was perfect. i had the same schedule for 2 years.i was off fridays and sundays. perfect.

i ruined it by gettin caught doing schemes... actually i got snitched on..fucking asshole
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