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From Findlay, Ohio — 08/12/2009

You'll make good money at Ball, but the work schedule is a killer. The typical schedule is 12 hour days, 4 on 4 off, swinging back and forth from days to nights every 4 months. Most everyone I work with suffers from some kind of sleep disturbance disorder because of this. They have enough people who would work one or the other and the plant isn't union, so I don't understand why they have this policy. I think workers would be happier if Ball changed to three stable shifts or at the very least, eliminated having to swing shifts. Overtime is often mandatory. The factories are not climate controlled and can get very hot.

No matter what Ball corporate says, hiring and/or promotions are almost always based on favoritism or nepotism and not on job performance/history. Benefits aren't that great. Insurance deductibles are high, provider reimbursement low and you have to fight tooth and nail over every submitted claim. And, as with most companies, employees are responsible for paying a portion of premiums. There are companies that pay less, but have better benefits. This might be a consideration for some people. Also, you make the same pay rate no matter where you work. Don't expect a higher pay rate if you live in California. It's the same across the board.

Now for the positives - for the most part, co-workers are nice and cooperative. Most have no problems working as a team, although there are some exceptions. There is a zero tolerance policy re: sexual harassment and/or workplace violence. HR is reasonable and follows company policy. Pay is great. The factory itself is very clean and the work environment is safe. I would have rated work environment higher except working in 100 degree + heat in the summer isn't something to look forward to. There are yearly pay raises based on performance evaluation and quarterly bonuses based on company performance. Safety is a huge issue and bonuses can be reduced based on payout for work-related accidents. Job security is good as long as you are a hard worker and show up. I don't think those are unreasonable expectations.

As far as factory work is concerned, overall Ball is a good place to work as long as you keep your mouth shut, your nose to the grindstone and your expectations low. You aren't likely to climb the ladder of success here, but you will make a comfortable living.
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