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From Columbus, Ohio — 01/28/2009

This is my first and last experience working in a factory/plant. I don't have a problem with Ball Corporation, but I do have issues with Ball employees. I'm only talking about the Columbus location since that's all I know. However, I've never worked with such angry, arrogant, and uneducated people in my entire life. Some employees are just nasty, mean people. They don't have a clue what the word polite means.

For unskilled labor, employees at Ball are very well paid. Their yearly wages would offer them a very comfortable lifestyle whether living in Columbus, OH or Southern California. Yet, most employees hate their jobs at Ball, which I don't understand due to what Ball offers--high wages, excellent benefits, and employee respect.

Aside from excellent wages and good benefits, managers, both middle and upper-management, give employees a lot of respect. Ball Corp. also offers promotional opportunities for good employees, as well as a decent working environment. As far as I know, there is job security if employees do their job.

Keep up the good work Ball! You're not the problem, but your employees are.
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