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From West Springfield, MA — 08/04/2010

Honestly, the people here are very nice and you have an opportunity to make some really good money. The pay isn't sporadic like most dealerships and they have one of the most competitve pay plans for car dealerships in the Boston Region.

The management is super-helpful and are always ready to step in to help close a deal or "clean up" anything on your first couple of sales at the store. Everyone from the General Manager to the managers on the floor and internet are great.

Only downfall is be ready to spend a LOT of time working there. There is no real holidays, time off is a rarity, and you are required to be there for your deliveries, regardless if it is your day off. This also goes for the car industry; its just part of the job. If you have the ability to work 55+ hours and always be on your A game when it comes to sales and customer service, this is the job for you.

Do NOT expect short hours and do NOT expect days off; it will not happen after your first month if you expect to make good money.
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