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From bakersfie, ca — 06/16/2010

I have worked at BFMC for a couple of years now. At first, I was concerned because I didn't really have trust in our Administration. It seemed that there were "clicks" and a few of them seemed to make up their own rules, but expected everyone else to follow the HR policies or would be threatened with loosing their job. They had everyone else do their work for them and usually took credit for it. They would come in whenever they wanted and leave whenever they wanted. But, over the last year all 3 of these people who held pretty high positions are no longer working with us. Plus, one person who everyone liked alot that had quit a few years ago came back! Our patients are so happy to have her back! They tell me all the time that they are thankful she came back to us! I think that all the negative has left the building and the new administration is right on track! I'm really beginning to love my job, and everyone I work with!
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