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From Bakersfield, CA — 09/09/2009

I've been at BFMC for over 6 years. I have worked at larger and smaller companies in the past and BFMC ranks with some of the best. I've read some of the prior reviews and it really does seem like disgruntled termintated employees who are vindictive. Using demeaning name calling does not cause me to be sympathetic to any of the slighted reviewers agendas. In this day and age, there is no job security anywhere. I've been at major insurance companies during doesn't get any better elsewhere. However, if you take pride in your job and love what you do, it shows and you will grow whereever you are. The more you know, the better you feel, and the more worthwhile you will be to any company. What I have seen in the six years that I have been at BFMC has been internal promotions for those who work hard and deserve it. I have been offered positions elsewhere for more money...but money isn't everything, integrity and commitment are. Perhaps I am old school, but bashing an employer who has given you every opportunity to excel is wrong. If you chose to not take that oppportunity, the fault is yours.....I am very happy. Every day, I go home feeling good about the job I've done and the people that I have helped. After all, the whole reason the company exists is to care for patients. The sad thing is that the only people who take the time to write in these types of blogs are the complainers that have no facts to their whining. I truly pity them.
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