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Job Security5
Work/Life Balance5
Career Growth5
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From Illinois — 02/08/2010

Pay: It's up to you. I was excited about earning more money when I first started with Avon...then started to get discouraged, thinking I wouldn't make that much because I am not the super-aggressive sales type...but then I realized that I can stay with Avon and see how it goes and learn over time what works best in terms of selling, and build more customers, starting with the people I know and branching outward.

Respect: When I did speak with/meet with ladies from Avon, they were respectful and helpful. The district manager who came to meet with me and get my Avon business set up was very friendly and easy to talk to. That being sad, when I first sent Avon my info before getting started, it took them over a week to get back to me because my name had been sent to the wrong district manager. When I did get a call from a DM informing me of this, she said she would call around to get the name of the correct one, and get right back to me. It was 2-3 more days before I got the call from my correct DM. We got everything worked out and she came to meet with me and got things up and running. She scheduled a time to give me a follow-up call a few days after that, and in a couple more days, a follow-up meeting. Neither ever happened. I suppose I could have called her, but I didn't really have a big need to. Just thought it was odd that she set up times for both events, and neither happened.
So, I wouldn't say I was blatantly disrespected in these instances, but it wasn't very convenient. I doubt this is how it would be for all new reps, though. Just my personal experience.

Job Security: I am pretty sure that you cannot be fired from Avon, unless perhaps you violate any of their big terms and conditions in which case your business might be terminated or something. After all, you're working for yourself and it is really your own business, so job security is very good.

Work/Life Balance: Wonderful, because you set up your own schedule entirely. You sell as much or as little as you want to. If you want to put out catalogs at local places when you're running errands, you can do that. If you want to make tons of business cards and personally hand them out wherever you go, talk to potential customers wherever you go, have Avon parties every month, host fundraisers, and try to recruit several other people to sell Avon with you as a team (which you would make comission from), you can do all of that too. There's also a happy medium, where you do some of that, but maybe not aggressively/every day (that's kind of how it is for me, for the time being...although that can change in the future). You can make it a side/supplmental income thing, or you can make it a full time job (which I suspect is easiest if you are not working anywhere else).

Career Potential/Growth: You can really rise up through "ranks" in Avon. They don't call them ranks, but that's the best word I can think of. And I don't mean that in a negative way. You aren't looked down on no matter what position you are in with Avon. By recruiting so many new salespeople, you are promoted to a new title, and the more you sell yearly, you get higher-up titles as well. More money and lots of benefits come with each one.

Location: Perfect, because you can sell Avon anywhere, anytime.

Co-worker Competence: You're in business for yourself (but as the Avon slogan goes, "not by yourself") so it's not like you work with the same people all the time.

Work Environment: There's no one single workplace with this company. You sell wherever, so you choose your own environments.
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