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From Toronto, ON — 06/04/2009

Huge Kudo's for Avon,
I have worked for Avon for 3 years.

Let's go to the break down because I know what you are dying to see:

First of all let me point this out:
Avon has their own Manager who is paid BY AVON. unlike our competitor Mary Kay (who only profits of what you bring in and your friends too)

1. Start up costs: $20.00 CDN which gives you 10 books and all the tools you need. (With Marykay: $300.00 for a start up kit of makeup only)
2. Sales Meetings: You have a choice you can go or not go: I have not been to one yet, but I plan on going: Cost? FREE and its HUGE.
(MaryKay: Usually about 10 people in a room talking about the Top Sales Queen of the week).

3. Who can do the business: Avon: Anyone Young and Old/Male and Female
Marykay: Females only as far as I have seen.
4.Here we go.
Pay: It starts off as 10% but goes up to 50% (Nice)
Respect: You get that from your customers and believe me they love Avon.
Benefits: Discounts/Cyber Promotions/Freebies from certain products all on your Avon Rep Site, including downloadable items.
- You are your own boss and yes you can claim it on your income tax

Job Security: You can start anytime, and quit any time it is up to you.
Work/Life Balance: It works both ways (for example: I have a full-time job and this does not interfere with it)

Career/Potential: You can sign up to be a Manager on the Avon Website and get paid by the Avon Company to help others reach their goals.
Those Managers are not employed by you the Representative.

Location: Could be your home or a rental area it is up to you.
You can even get your own Avon website for $18 a year. That is awesome.

Co-worker Competence: Excellent

Work Environment: Same as Location: Excellent.

I wouldn't change this up for the world, plus you make your payments through your bank account
Your orders are now Bi-weekly which works if you get paid Bi-weekly.

Plus Brochure costs are not too high.
Tid bit of advice: You can use your rep cafe to get Brochures in E-mail format link to your customers for free if you don't feel like buying the brochures to send in the mail.
*its a new Feature*
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