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Job Security4
Work/Life Balance4
Career Growth5
Work Environment4

From new york — 01/30/2009

Overall I love my job. I have been employed by this company for about 5-6 months and have already received my first promotion. My boss and district manager couldn't be anymore fair. My coworkers on the other hand need improvement. One could blame it on management because they are the ones that hire almost incompetent people. I blame the individual.

As for my ratings...
My pay thus far has been adequate. Now with my promotion it will be even more so. I respect my place of employment and expect the same; I have thus far. I honestly did not expect any type of benefits when I was hired. Who else gives their part-time employees benefits? Not anyone that I have worked for! As for job security, I fear for my job. Although promoted, I fear that one "slip-up" may cost me my career. Work/life balance is a difficult judgment call. I would like to be home as much as possible. However, I do feel that I need to show my ability to be available when needed. You need to make sacrifices. (My wife seems to think I make too many.) I believe that the potential to grow within the company is outstanding. The individual just needs to put in the effort to get the job done. My store has one of the best locations in my opinion. It is right on the main drag of the city. The work environment at my location can use a little improvement. This stems from the incompetence and laziness of my coworkers though.
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