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From Colorado — 09/02/2010

I've only been working at AutoZone for about three weeks, but I'm pretty happy with it. The pay is better than my first job (which was minimum wage, $7.28)- I'm making $7.75 an hour and I started without any knowledge of the car parts business and little retail experience. It's a five minute drive from home and I'm enjoying the hours at at least 30 a week. My store manager is awesome, my coworkers are all awesome and they all have a very extensive shared knowledge about cars, so I'm learning very quickly. Three weeks ago I wouldn't have known a Transmission Filter from an Alternator. The 20% discount is nice and though I only get one or two days off a week, I've asked for more hours because I like the income it gets me.

Whoever says the job/ service is crappy, that's purely location and employee based. Just because one person hates their job doesn't mean it sucks, if you don't like it then quit and work somewhere else!
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