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From Lake Orion, MI — 04/26/2010

I love my job. At first before I started, I read a lot of the reviews for AutoZone and started to question whether or not I really wanted this job. Now I couldn't be happier with it. The paygrade is better than fast food and is a great way to get you knowledgeable about cars and the hardware. Employees are all fun to work with and are open to help out with any questions I have. Work/life balance is what you make of it. My boss asked me how much I wanted to work and I said as many hours as possible, so now I work between 36-40 hours a week. I don't ever get weekends off, but that's fine, seeing as how I'm fresh out of high school and single, looking for a place to live. The two days off a week are fine by me. Keeping it random makes things stay fresh.

Some potential cons of working at AZ would most likely be engraving hard parts locations in your memory. There are so many places in the store an idler pulley may be stored and can have you wandering for a while searching, but once you get to know the store's layout and products, you'll quickly become a whiz to answering even the most complicated of questions.

AZ stock is fantastic (currently a little over 160 points!) and recession-proof! In this economy, more people are turning to DIY and AZ have been the primary caregivers in this field.

Health insurance and paid vacation are also available, including optical/dental through Starbridge. Attendance isn't a huge thing at this company, although repeated occurances can get you in a little trouble as long as you cool it down every once in a while throughout the year. I work with eight other people and we all get along and do a kickass job together. Time flies and MOST of the customers are great to work and build relationships with.

Highly recommended for those looking to make a step-up in the retail world, or just to get away from McDonalds!
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