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From Tennessee — 02/01/2010

I think everyone thats has written on here is just bitter because they got fired or do not do their job. i worked for Pep Boys for almost 3 years as a simple driver. when my boss went on vacation or was sick i ran everything. What did i get for it? nothing.. one 10 cent raise in 3 years.... I started working at AutoZone in June 2009. not starting out at the greatest pay but nothing to complain about either... especially with the economy. i let my store manager know in the interview that i was not going to be a red shirt forever and that i expected to move up, and fast, and that basically i know cars, and i know parts... i just need to learn the autozone system. in september i got my 1st raise. Then in November i got promoted to PSM "grey shirt" with another considerable raise. My store manager is awesome, and my district manager is awesome as well. the people i work with are great, and everything runs smoothly. Its really is a great job. im already in talks about becoming a store manager, but you cant move up in this company? Dont dis on a company because you were too lazy to work, or you stole money or whatever the case may be, and im sure there are a few bad DMs out there and store managers as well but overall the company is great. If you do your job and do it right, you can move up fast.
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