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From Pueblo, CO — 06/15/2010

To be completely honest, I must have been the only employee that enjoyed my job at at&t. YES, they have rules, YES, you must show up to work, YES, you must learn the systems and be nice to the customers. I started out as a customer service rep answering phone calls just like anyone else. I didn't mind it so much, you do get the occasional person who is so angry you can almost see them throwing their phone out the window of a speeding automobile. However, on those calls, you just work thru them as best you can. If everyone who worked for any company gave it their all, things would run a lot smoother. I can't even add up the amount of people who have the WORST attitudes about their jobs or their customers. The reason these companies have the rules that they do about attendance and call quality is because in the past people just didn't want to work! They didn't show up and when they did their work ethic was horrifying! They would do nothing they were supposed to and still collected their check. I was brought up with an understanding that in order to keep a job and keep those paychecks flowing, you have to learn that job and perform to the best of your ability. If you can honestly say that you are doing this and still have a lot of problems, then I'm sorry for you and perhaps you should check with your union rep. But please keep in mind a little saying when your complaining about the rules that this company has set forth. "The sins of a few will affect the many". Unfortunately the company had no choice but to impose these rules, I don't blame them and neither should anyone else.
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