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From St. Louis, MO — 04/14/2010

Personally, I have worked for MObility for 2 years, almost 3 and have been at 2 different stores. It all depends on your management team - my first location was terrible! Bad management - got wrote up for not wearing a bluetooth on the sales floor - manager had "Favorites" who would not get into any trouble or get put on steps of disicpline, so I opted to transfer. I moved 2 hours away to St. Louis in a brand new store & I Love it here. If it wasnt for my new store & management team, I would have quit a year ago. Its a pretty simple job - hit your numbers - you are in SALES, and when you SELL your expected to hit & exceed your GOALS. If you can't sell, you need to find a different position in the company or go elsewhere. I do not fully agree with the point system, however, this is a business. Business must be staffed in order to hit our goals. Most of those points were up to manager discretion, I must be blessed to have a good manager who is very understanding & does not give points for sick children, emergencies, traffic, etc. Only if you do not have a good exscuse do you get your point.

As far as promotions - you can go from Retail Sales to Assistant Manager to Store Manager fairly easily - but then there is a bit of a "freeze". It's hard to get promoted to anything higher unless you are willing to relocate or go to another branch of the company.

Yes, as in any job, I have my bad days - and I will rag on AT&T just like everyone can - but all in all - its a really great company to work for. I do not see myself staying here forever, but at least a few more years.
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