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From Richardson, TX — 04/08/2010

I started with SBC Communications back in 1998. I worked ten years, gaining praise from every manager I reported to. Then, in December 2008, I was transfered (I had no say) to another department. Initially it sounded like a good thing. Once I realized the boss was a complete waste of human flesh, it was too late.
Up to December 2008, I would have thought I'd be with 'the phone company' until I was an old man.
I tolerated the verbal abuse, accusations of "integrity issues" and accusations of "poor performance" until May 2008. I gave it the ol' college try. I fired my boss! Sent an "I quit, take this job and shovel it" e-mail to her and her boss. Left!
I have to say, leaving at&t was one of the best things I've ever done! I'm happier in my new job, I have better pay and the people I work with, and for a really top notch. Okay, so I don't get practically free U-Verse anymore ... BIG WHOOP! I wouldn't give at&t another red cent anyways!

Oh yeah ... that "unwritten" rule, that you must work 50 hours a week. Well, it's unwritten for a reason.
In my new job, my new boss acknowledges hard work. After spending 12 hours at my desk, the next day he asks me to go home at lunch!

SBC used to be good. With the at&t merger, they squandered everything good. They're now, "inbred uncle twice removed Bell" not the 'new' ma' Bell. Everyone who's good, left already! I don't have high hopes for my remaining stock options :(
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