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From San Diego, CA — 03/22/2010

I was stoked when I was hired here...10 years ago. I never thought I would last as long as I did...almost 10 years! By the time I quit, I was making almost $30/hr plus bonuses which is ridiculous!!!!! I made over $70,000 on my last tax return. The benefits were awesome too. However, I really wanted to move up, but was never given the opportunity to do so. The only people that got to climb were the "favored",no matter how much I proved ability, initiative, and desire. Once I saw that I was in a no-win battle and the job requirements started to change, my performance started to suffer. I ended up quitting. In the end, I can say I would have loved to continue to work there, but not as a Customer Service Rep. That position is frustrating to say the least. Now, my friends who still work there say they don't even get payouts on what they sell anymore, but they are still required to sell. The company has changed from when it was Pacific Bell...I don't like it anymore.
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